This is kind of Mecca of Buddhism Religion, Bodhgaya, located in Indian State of Bihar at a distance of 16 km from Gaya(District HQ) and around 115 km from Patna, the Capital city of indian State of Bihar, this is place where “Siddhartha Gautama” the man who left his kingdom, wife and a child in his mother lap to find Answers of the Questions about Life and reason of Suffering and many more questions and finally got Enlightenment under a Pipal tree in Bodh gaya (Bihar) which is now known as Bodhi Tree, now the sacred importance in Buddhism religion which attracts million of pilgrims from around the world mostly from Japan, Sri- Lanka, Korea, China etc.Apart from Bodhi tree, there is Maha Bodhi Temple is which was built later on in 3rd century B.C by then famous Emperor “Ashoka the Great”.. Now Maha Bodhi Complex is in UNESCO world Heritage Site.

Excursion- The Indian State of Bihar is not just state in general but it is older than History and consist long history to get familiar with. The place which gave the first Republic “ Vaishali” to the world, the place which make “ Siddhartha” Lord Buddha. Let’s have a look what Bihar has to show the world :-

Prag Bodhi Hill (Gaya) : Around 5km from Bodhgaya , This Hill is  located on the bank of Phalgu river and it is believed that Lord Buddha spent almost 6 years  here in the caves of Prag Bodhi before moving to then Uruvela now known as the Bodhgaya.

Barabar Caves : At the distance of around 50 km from Bodhgaya, there is place called Barabar Caves in the district of jehanabad in india state of bihar. It is caves believed to be built by the Great Emperor “ Ashoka the Great” of Mauryan Empire for the Buddhist monks who were also known as “Ajivikas”. This is series of 7 caves, in which 4 are in Barabar and rest 3 are in nearby “ Nagarjuni Hill/ Caves”



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Footprints of Buddha
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