Bharatpur - Home to the UNESCO World Heritage site- The Bird Sanctuary

Deeg, Kewalo Dev Ghana National Park, Bharatpur Palace and Museum, Dholpur Palace are major tourist attractions. Bharatpur “Home to the UNESCO Heritage site- “The Bird Sanctuary”it is believed that “Bharatpur” was once the kingdom of the Hindu deity Ram’s Brother Bharat.In 18th Century the Maharaja surajMal captured the fort of Bharatpur and later on expand his kingdom by making a grand palace is Deeg, which is 34 km from Bharatpur.This place is the Home to “World’s one of the Unesco Bird Sanctuary- “Kewla Dev Ghana National Park”.

The famous attraction of Bharatpur are:

  • Deeg
  • Kewalo Dev Ghana National Park
  • Bharatpur Palace Museum
  • Dholpur Palace


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